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Bank Nifty Analysis

Bank Nifty Analysis Chart for Monday

It’s great to hear that Banknifty achieved the targets as per our previous blog analysis, after breaking 44150 on September 1st. Here’s a concise summary for your Monday, September 4th outlook:

  1. Banknifty is expected to remain bullish above 44500.
  2. Key targets are set at 44670, 44900 and 45000
  3. Strong support is seen at 44400; any dip below may see a correction to 44150, which is a strong buying zone.

Best of luck with your trading! 🚀

Bank Nifty Analysis Levels for 4 Sep Monday Prediction

DateResistance LevelsSupport Levels
1 Sep4450044270

Nifty Analysis Chart For Monday

In the world of stock trading, Nifty proved to be a shining star on September 1st, smashing through our predicted targets with the strength of a rocket launch. The hourly chart displayed a powerful hammer and doji formation at a robust support zone of 19230-19250, setting the stage for a stunning reversal. Breakout OI Data only added fuel to the bullish fire.

But that’s not all – the daily chart revealed a bullish engulfing pattern at the bottom, signaling an even brighter future. As we step into Monday, September 4th, brace yourselves for another thrilling ride. We recommend a buy above 19450, aiming for the skies at 19530, 19570, and 19630.

And here’s the secret sauce: a buy-on-dips strategy awaits between 19350-19370. Watch for the confirmation from a bullish candle, and you’re poised to join the Nifty excitement.

Plus, the ABCDE wave structure has gracefully completed its journey, as elegantly illustrated in our diagram. So, fasten your seatbelts, traders – Nifty’s got more surprises in store!

Nifty Analysis

Nifty Levels for 4 Sep Prediction and Analysis

DateResistance LevelsSupport Levels
4 Sep1945519400

Conclusion for Bank Nifty Analysis.

The BankNifty’s performance on August 30th, characterized by a gap-up opening, channel breakdown, and subsequent selling pressure, provides valuable insights for predicting its movement on the upcoming monthly expiry day, August 31st. Traders should closely monitor the support and resistance levels mentioned in this analysis to make informed decisions in a potentially volatile market environment.

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Disclaimer for Bank Nifty Analysis :

The information provided in this blog post is for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be construed as financial advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any securities. Always do your own research and consult with a qualified financial advisor before making investment decisions

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